What is documentary wedding photography?

Chances are you’ve arrived at my website looking for a Welsh documentary, reportage wedding photographer? Unlike some other wedding photographers out there who use the terms, ‘documentary, reportage and photojournalism’ as pure marketing buzz-words to entice folks to their website, I actually specialize in documentary wedding photography. You won’t find images of rings placed on bits of wood, shoes placed at certain angles on window sills or groomsmen jumping up in the air in unison anywhere on this website. Let me offer some explanation as to why I shoot weddings in the way I do, and why you should always be careful not to be sucked in by frequently over-used buzzwords.

My approach to wedding photography is very relaxed, I turn up to a wedding with one goal in mind, to photograph it in a totally natural way with the absolute minimum of input. I am there to photograph your big day, which is about you, your families and your guests. It is not about a photographer ordering people around constantly, or being bossy, or wandering around with a big ego.

I pride myself on my people skills, for some reason it’s something that is very much overlooked in the wedding photography business. With these skills there is no need to sneak around, hiding in bushes with massive lenses to get natural shots. Having great people skills means being able to act like a guest, seamlessly documenting your wedding day from a totally natural viewpoint. Great photojournalism relies on the photographer understanding the context of a particular shot. It’s very easy to photograph someone laughing, cropping close in to their face, a good photo maybe, but where’s the context, the story behind the image? Using wider angle lenses and being part of the actual wedding will mean a wider shot, including more context, so not only do you see the person laughing, you also so a child stuffing an unimaginable amount of pick and mix into their mouths in one go!

The couples that book me generally say similar things to me, such as “I don’t like having my photo taken”, or “I hate standing around with a fix grin”. Good documentary wedding photography will mean you’re not standing around with fixed grins, and the photos you have won’t be posed, or staged in anyway.

I frequently get reviews left for me by the bride and groom saying that several of their guests actually asked if I was a guest. For me, this is a big deal, it means I have done a good job at blending seamlessly into a wedding.

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