Bath Wedding Photographer – FAQ’s

Wedding photographer Bath, reportage, documentary photography – Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in booking me but have some wedding photography questions?

How do I actually book you?

First of all, either drop me an email, or give me a call on 07919 574940 to check on my availability, I shoot both weekend and weekday commissions. If your date is available, we can chat about how much coverage you’d want and then I will send you over a fully bespoke quote based on exactly how long you want me photographing your wedding for. Following that it’s just a case of paying a £300 deposit to secure the date (this comes off the final balance) and that’s it, your booked in! The remaining balance is due 1 month before your big day.

Do I have to sign anything?

Yup, just a simple wedding contract, detailing times and locations of your day as well as some industry standard small print about cancellations etc.

How do I pay?

You could pay using ye olde pieces of eight and some good quality cider, or, better, I accept cheques and bank transfers.

Can I specify how long I want you to photograph my wedding for?

Of course, I operate a fully bespoke pricing structure meaning you only pay for what you want. If you only want me there for 2 hours or you want me there for 12 hours then that’s not a problem, I can accommodate both.

I want a lot of group shots and want a lot of posed photography, are you able to do that?

My specialism is documentary wedding photography, photography that is un-posed and natural. I do the group shots and I do bride & groom portraits, however, I prefer to concentrate on covering your wedding in the most natural way possible.

Do you travel?

Whilst most of my commissions take place in and around Cardiff, Newport and Bristol, I do travel further afield.

How long until I get my photos?

I aim to have your photos with you within a maximum 6 weeks of your wedding. If you choose to have an album, this takes a little while longer, albums take a while to design and print, I have a dedicated room of album pixies who will aim to turn around any albums in as quick a time as possible.

How many photos will I actually receive?

Around 300 full corrected images with a mixture of colour and monochrome, it does however depend on how long I’m at your wedding for.

With the DVD, can I copy it and send to friends?

Off course you can, do what you like with them, they are of your wedding after all. You have full non-commercial image rights to do whatever you like with them.

Do you shoot alone of use an assistant?

Generally, I shoot alone. This is to lessen the impact of having a photographer at your wedding. Working alone allows me to blend into your guests and to be as subtle as possible without people thinking “argggghhh, man with camera, must hide”! However, I can arrange for an assistant should you require it.

Do I have to feed you?

It’s up to you, some form of food would always be nice as it’s a long day for us photographers. Veggie only for me though.

I want to bring my dog to the wedding, is that ok?

YES, YES and more YES! Bring them along, it would be great to have them involved. I am a massive dog lover and encourage you to bring them along, after all. Dogs are our best friends, so get them involved.

What if you are ill?

Well, I rarely get ill so baring an outbreak of plague, or should I get struck by a freak lightening strike. I will always show up. Should the worse happen though, I have a network of trusted local photographers who can step up and cover your wedding.

What about insurance?

My camera kit is insured, along with professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. Copies of certificates available on request.