Best Bath documentary wedding photography of 2017

Well, it’s now 2018! Happy New Year to one and all! The start of the new year gives me a chance to have a look back at some of the wonderful weddings I was privileged to be a part of last year.

One of the things that I love is that all of my couples in 2017 have fully embraced my relaxed style of wedding photography. They don’t want someone ordering them around, or taking control of their wedding day. They just want to kick back, have a laugh, enjoy their wedding day and have some lovely photos at the end of it. Looking over my favorite images of the last year, fun features high in the theme in most of them. After all, weddings are meant to be fun, sure, they have their serious, sombre moments, even sad moments, but overall, weddings are an enjoyable experience, for the happy couple, their families, and their mates.

2017 has been a flurry of alpacas, woodland weddings, weddings in fields, tipi’s, ice-cream parlours, dogs, emotion, random dancing and most of all love. 2018 promises more of the same!

I’d like to thank all the amazing folks that have helped all of my couples have the best day ever. From make-up artists, to caterers, from DJ’s to videographers, you’ve all been awesome!

Most of all though, I’d like to say a thank you to my couples, you’ve all been brilliant and will hopefully bump into you at weddings in the future.

I’ve tried to condense these into some of my favorite photographs, a year review if you like.

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